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The restaurant areas are swarming

The Megastar's fitting works are going ahead at full speed. The restaurant decks 8 and 9 in particular look completely different compared to our last visit. Some partition walls have been built, but the overall impression is still very spacious.

A peek into the room marked by the walls reveals that the kitchen is already looking quite finished. The workers are busy covering the kitchen floor with a mass consisting of epoxy and leca-gravel. The mass will be coated with a material that can withstand the materials and heat used in professional kitchens.

The technicians at the SportsPub are busy with wall cladding and electrical works. The ventilation works have already been finished. Next, they will focus on sealing the ceiling, i.e. installing the final surface.
As far as the furniture’s concerned, the counters are in place, and people are already doing floor work. There are different schedules for various kinds of work. For example, while the seams of the floor tiles dry, no other works are done in the same area, said Henry Lindborg.

Over at the Victory Pub, the counter and the ceiling modules are already in place. There are power cables dangling from the ceiling, waiting for electricians to plug in lamps and sockets. There are already some concrete-colour wood pattern wall elements on the walls.
The soundscape on the ship will calm down when the steel works on the ship will be completed. The fire department of the shipyard will always have specialists monitoring the situation, if hot work is done in furnished areas.

The interior decoration and fitting works are making good progress at the restaurant Delight Buffet. The buffet tables are in place, and the ceiling modules are being attached.
If this was a hotel, all of the elements would be attached only lightly, mainly just lifted into place. On a ship, they’re attached securely enough to handle sea voyages.

Gorgeous shapes

Furniture installations are still underway at the Megastar’s Traveller Superstore 2800 m² shop. All of the furniture will be securely attached, so it’s very important that the shelves and passageways are designed well. The stylish curved ceiling shape create a festive atmosphere in this room.
The curved shapes look impressive, as you can see already, although it’s not finished yet, Henry pondered as he looked at the ceiling.

Rest and work areas for all needs

A novelty on the Megastar is the Sitting Lounge area, where passengers can sit comfortably in airplane seats.
Altogether, there will be 310 recliners on board. The Sitting Lounge area is almost complete already. The carpet has to go on the floor, and then we can install the chairs. It will take about three weeks to attach the chairs, depending on the amount of installation technicians.

In addition to the Sitting Lounge, the Megastar will also have a Comfort Lounge as well as the traditional Business Lounge. In the Business Lounge, there are some lamps dangling from the ceiling, which have already been plugged in. In the coming days, they’ll be securely attached to the ceiling panels.

Interview with Henry Lindborg, ship furnishing supervisor, Meyer Turku

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