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Happening on the Megastar

My latest visit to the Megastar took place during an astonishingly beautiful day in late November. According to the shipyard's representative, the completion level of the ship was 92% at the time.

As I went on board, workers were busy testing the winch on the side of the ship. The winch was loaded, and its performance was tested with various weights. It seemed to be working great.

The atmosphere on board had changed significantly. The main reason behind it was the removal of the plastic covers that were blocking light from the windows. People are no longer walking around on the ship in only artificial light, but plenty of natural light gets in through the windows, too. At the same time, you can also get a better understanding of how spacious the Megastar is.

The ship had many areas marked inaccessible with caution tape. Mostly, it was a case of floors drying, i.e. the carpeting or the tiles had been installed, but no-one was allowed in the area while the glue or mortar was drying.

Indeed, Tapani Mylly, the Communication Manager of Meyer Turku and our guide, noted many times during our tour that it had been possible to go that way just the day before. Luckily, alternative routes were easily found.

A quick transformation

I’ve heard it many times that once the interior decorating works begin, the work is nearly complete. I can certainly believe that. During my previous visit, about a month before, there were only small areas that provided some sort of a glimpse of what they would look like. Now, the Megastar’s internal appearance had changed considerably. There were a lot of finished floors, ceilings and walls. However, the majority of the surfaces was still covered with plastic.

A lot has been written about the Megastar’s 2800-square metre Traveller Super Store already. It is one of the most complete sections, and I can safely say that it has not been praised unjustly. This shop will be amazing! It’s amazing even in its half-finished state. I’m particularly fond of the staircase with its curved forms.

The cabins are missing the bedding, but are otherwise ready to receive passengers.

LED lights are already creating a lovely atmosphere in the ceilings of the restaurant area. There’s still a lot to be done, but there also seem to be many finished sections.

The entire splendour will be visible to all, without any plastic covers, on 29 January 2017, when the Megastar will start scheduled service between Helsinki and Tallinn.

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Thank you for the comment, nice to hear that you think so! Br, Marianna / Tallink Suomi



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Happening on the Megastar

My latest visit to the Megastar took place during an astonishingly beautiful day in late November. According to the shipyard's representative, the completion level of the ship was 92% at the time. Read more »